Flora and fauna links

The slopes of Piatra Craiului are covered in ancient forest where wildlife thrive

The National Park’s website has lots of great information, including the park’s history and research. It’s a great start for wildlife experts and enthusiasts and will give you helpful contacts.

Piatra Craiului National Park’s page on fauna

The Park’s page on flora, including the endemic species

We’re lucky here to have the Libearty Bear Sanctuary right on our doorstep, in Zarnesti. The Assocation of a Million Friends (Asociatia Milionae de Pieteni – AMP) has rescued 70 bears from danger or captivity around Romania and given them sanctuary in 70 acres of forest on the edge of Zarnesti. In the summer you can visit the sanctuary (9-11am, Tues-Sun) and see the bears. In 2014 the cost is 40 lei (€9) per person for a 30-40 minute visit. You can also adopt a bear to help the Sanctuary with its fantastic work to rescue, heal, feed and care for these remarkable animals.

bear sanctuary, transylvania, Zarnesti, Transylvania, wildlife, European Brown Bear, large carnivores, animal sanctuary

Baloo, one of the 70 bears rescued and now living in Zarnesti’s Libearty bear sanctuary

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