An Odyssey from East Coast USA

Sean, from Buffalo, New York state, USA, came to Romania to explore, in September 2014. This is what he discovered.

New York, USA, Buffalo, Magura, Transylvania, Romania, mountain holiday, Carpathians, countryside

From upstate New York to uphill Transylvania

Tucked into the valleys as if tucked into time itself, Magura is a village without peer. Rolling hills, with charming haystacks that speak of hard, honest work, their modest creators offer more than the occasional wave and “Buna Ziua!” They make sure to engage you in earnest conversation, invite you to partake in a homemade dinner, and regardless of the language will almost always offer their homemade liquors, Tuica or Palinca – both of which defy language barriers and immediately make you smile.
I took two weeks in Magura, Transylvania which has become an odyssey in my life that I am not likely to forget. Full of mystery, full of history, this place is a little slice of calming paradise in an otherwise busy and boisterous world.

Come to Magura.

More from Sean on his time in Magura, at his blog Beardless Farmer.

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