Canadians descend

Katie and Suzie’s bits of Magura | (Feb 21 – March 21)

In Transylvania, there lies a small mountain village tucked away high in the foothills of Romania. Limestone gleams the gold of this small treasure box, and if you look further, the generous hearts of the hard-working villagers reflect back, causing such a hidden gem of a place to be! My travel companion and I had the uttermost pleasure of waking up to the rural sounds of Magura for one whole month : the cockadoodledoos, the talkative sheep, and of course the friendly barks of the neighorhood dogs. Staying in Magura’s picture-esque landscapes was like going back in time to a time of working horses and buggees, and neighbours who weren’t strangers. There’s endless exploring of caves and crevacies and ones imagination surely can soar to the mysteries of this valley. The road out leads to a small town, Zarnesti, where the Gogosi is always fresh, and on sundays you can see the streets bustling with market goers and gypsies. If your an adventurer, Magura will never be boring and the sheep are never not hilarious. I’d reccomend Magura to someone who needs a great place to get away from the cities and the motorways. I’d also reccomend any flavour of Gogosi, as I must have tried them all. 😉

– Kate Westcoast 2013

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