Spring weather switchback


After a week of solid rain and several weeks of wet, cold weather that has kept the peonies (bujor) in their buds and kept the daffodils out in bloom, we had a glorious weekend of warm, sunny, balmy late Spring gloriousness.

Perfect for a picnic on Sunday…

But this morning, after a beautiful start, the storm has closed in. Thunder is circling the house, the cats are hiding under the sofa, sheep are huddled by the barn door, and chickens have retreated to their shed. But it’s still warm, so the growing seedlings in my veg patch and the newly planted trees around the garden are lapping it all up and putting on new growth like it was going out of fashion.

Weekend in the country for city group

This summer we’ve had visitors coming and going like wasps to a picnic. To close the season in early September, a group of expats living in and near Brasov came to Magura for the weekend. Drinks and dancing at Roxana’s house followed by supper for 12 and a movie show chez moi on Saturday night, then the next morning a hike round the village viewing spots, and lunch (again at my place) for 17 on a gloriously sunny Sunday. Only one Brit (apart from me) in the group: a happy mix of French, German, Ukrainian, Russian, American and Romanian. Lots of energy and great ideas, amazing stories and lovely gifts – a promising group.

If you have any memories you can share here, do please leave a comment (if you have a photograph to add, please email it to me).