Homeward bound

This time next week I’ll be back in Magura, after six weeks in the California winter – warm sun, blue skies, the Pacific Ocean warm enough to paddle in, breakfast out in the garden…

Now it’s back to Transylvania and the freezing, clear air of the Carpathian Mountains, the silence and the space. After urban American busy-ness it will be a blessed delight to return to the simple life.

My housesitters tell me it’s been pretty warm in Magura – for January – with snow coming and going, and the mercury as high as 16C last week. But now I gather there is knee-deep snow again, so I’ll have quite a shock coming back with my SoCal thin blood and thin clothes.

If I don’t go into hibernation immediately, I’ll look forward to catching up with my neighbours about events and news and plans for 2013.

When are you coming to see us?