A warm welcome on a soggy day

Three adventurous characters from the ancient deserts of the Middle East plunged into the dripping green forests of Transylvania for three days of culture shock. David Lowidt takes up the tale…

P1000433We – Roni, Moshe and I – were three mature walkers (some would say old) from Kibbutz Hatzerim in Israel who were looking to stay somewhere a little bit different. Off the beaten track, back to nature, simple life and conditions, see how the locals live etc. And that’s how I found this blog written by Arabella who lives in the beautiful village of Magura in the Carpathian Mountains, and she arranged for us to stay four nights with her neighbours Maria and Chivu Cotinghiu.

“We arrived on Tuesday 24th June 2014, late afternoon. It was chucking it down with rain and we had loads of wet clothes from the soaking we had suffered from the morning’s walk up to the Babela rock in the Bucegi Mountains, but it didn’t take long for Chivu to get the wood burning stove on the go, for Maria to bring us a plate of tasty cakes and for Chivu to start plying us with his homemade high alcohol content drinks. How could we not feel at home?”   Read more…

Welcome to the Cloud Appreciation Society, Transylvania

Perched over a thousand metres above sea level, between two mountains, the village of Magura is a cloud spotter’s paradise. I have to go no further than my garden to watch spectacular formations from dawn to sundown, some fleeting, some slowly evolving, always changing, always fascinating. What do you see in these clouds? Can you give them their proper names?


And indeed, here it is

Taken just now – snow began at 8am and gave us two centimetres by 10am. So in this shot, Bucegi is out of sight behind the snowcloud, although there is a patch or two of blue sky to the west. The birds are singing again, and the temperature (just below freezing) is rising. A winter reminder, but Spring is not to be denied…

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Winter’s back for a bit

Hello world!

Looking south towards Bucegi  from Magura

Looking towards the southern end of the village, and the Bucegi mountains

We are based in the village of Magura, near  Bran, in Transylvania, Romania.

Like many other villages in this lovely region, Magura is a nice place but needs more facilities, jobs for local people and the right kind of development. Magura / Transylvania does not need quad bikes, asphalt roads and loud music day and night. Nu, multumesc!

We’ll keep you posted on our activities and ideas. We hope to see you here one fine day…

Română: Masivul Piatra Craiului 3D. Fisier med...

Română: Masivul Piatra Craiului 3D. Fisier media realizat cu date SRTM furnizate liber de NASA si textura World Imagery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)