Wildflowers at midsummer

Here are some of the magnificent wild flowers in my garden today (12 June 2016). Some of them are late to blossom due to more than a month of cold, wet weather, but often the buds are just as beautiful as the full blooms. Transylvania’s wildflower meadows are recognised more and more as one of the great treasures of Europe, and it’s vital to conserve them and appreciate them. Talking of appreciation, have I got the names right? I’m no botanist, so if you know better, please let me know and I can correct any mistakes.


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Thunderstorm magic – cool down

Yesterday, Magura had the best of a gentle thunderstorm (must have been violent off to the south-west) with a hail shower, distant lightning and rumbling thunder. This cool, damp greenery makes for relaxing viewing in these two little vids. In the first, you can hear the huge hailstones clattering and bouncing off the house; in the second, the birds, animals and insects keep singing as the thunder growls over the Bucegi Mountains. A classic countryside moment to cool down all you overheated city dwellers, sticky with humidity and longing for the cold sting of rain…

DSCF1982_2 cloud and sun

Sun and shadow as the weather changes

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