Autumn colour

I used to hate autumn, as it was the death of summer and the onrush of winter. But these days, surrounded by all this glorious colour, I’ve begun to love it. The first smell of woodsmoke, frantic preserving of veg and fruit, the early fall of snow in October, spiky rime on the trees backlit by deep blue skies…


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Floss returns!

Floss and the circus_Cover - smallFloss, the black fluffy puppy, who was lost and rescued in 2017, is BACK! His true story (in real life, he was Pita, the mongrel of Magura).

So many kids loved Floss’s story (Floss the lost puppy) that they demanded a sequel. So on Saturday 17th November, his new book is launched in Romexpo, Bucharest’s exhibition centre.

Floss & the Circus puts the little dog in the centre of the ring, right in the spotlight with the audience agog… Will he survive his dangerous stunt? Will he find the runaway horse? Will he save the thief’s life? It’s a wild holiday for Floss, Thea and Robbie when they meet the strangest circus on earth. They discover that however odd and different people look on the outside, they are just the same as everyone else on the inside: kind and brave and amazing.

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