Autumn colour

I used to hate autumn, as it was the death of summer and the onrush of winter. But these days, surrounded by all this glorious colour, I’ve begun to love it. The first smell of woodsmoke, frantic preserving of veg and fruit, the early fall of snow in October, spiky rime on the trees backlit by deep blue skies…


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Greenly warmer

IMG_5406Spring is well sprung. Compared to last year, when the end of April saw me wading through knee-deep snow in late April, wrapped in thermal layers against the -8C freeze, this year it was sun, and no rain all month so we were beginning to face the horrible prospect of drought.

But early May has seen lots of gentle rain and the very occasional thunderstorm, which is perfect for the earth and growing things. ‘Nori si soare’ says the weather forecast. Occasional ‘furtuna’ warnings with lightning symbols lancing through the cloud, and so it’s proving. Perfect mixed weather for the cycle of wildflower meadows and sweet hay, and happy herbivores munching through lush spring grass. Glorious.

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