Guides to Transylvania

The newest guide (as of 9 Nov 2012) is the brilliant Bradt Guide. But there are others – here are a few.

The Bradt Guide to Transylvania

by Lucy Mallows and Paul Brummell  (pub 2017)51huxupH8gL._AC_US218_

Transylvania is a wild, wooded, intensely romantic region, filled with mountains, gorges, myths and legends, dragons, wolves and vampires. This new edition of the hugely popular and personal guide to the romantic Transylvania region covers a whole range of attractions from creepy castles to medieval landscapes populated by vampires, bears and wolves. Updated throughout with all the practical information that the independent traveller needs, Transylvania is an invaluable companion for anyone wanting to explore its breathtakingly beautiful nature reserves, forest reservations and parks, as well as its historic castles, medieval towns and preserved folk villages.

City Compass: Romania – Bucharest & Beyond

61N0x-uor2L._AC_US218_by Corina Chirileasa  (2018)

The practical feel-at-home guide for ex-pats and locals. A one-of-a-kind feel-at-home guide to Romania, in English, enjoyed by travelers, expats and Romanians alike!
This book will help readers travelers the real Romania. It covers the main regions and cities of the country, with insights from a host of contributors, locals and expats, and recommendations of places to see and things to do.

Romania – Culture Smart! 

51T4rBT2ZHL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_by Debbie Stowe  (2nd edition pub 2017)

Culture Smart! Romania  A land of mountains, hills, and fertile plains, Romania is a rich and complex country: a place whose cities are home to vibrant cultural scenes; whose people welcome guests warmly into their homes, sharing the best of whatever they have, and party into the night, suffused by Latin joie de vivre. Buffeted over time between three great powers—the West, Russia, and Turkey—Romania betrays the cultural influences of each, and it can be a difficult place to get a handle on. Culture Smart! Romania provides an indispensable tool for the foreign visitor, digging deep behind the clichés, explaining many of the behavioral quirks of the people, smoothing your path toward better understanding, and outlining the many attractions—cultural, social, and geographical—that await you in this underexplored part of Europe.


Transylvania: A Land Beyond Fiction and Myth

by Zoltan Farkas and Judit Sos (authors), translated by Sally Loosmore and Christine Rotter  (pub 2007)

This guide to Transylvania, the first one in the English language specifically on this subject, is a classical travel book full of reliable and up-to-date information that has been independently researched in Transylvania. It successfully combines practical information regarding every aspect of travel in the region with unusually comprehensive and substantial descriptions of sights as well as their historical and cultural background. Well structured and easy to use, it is based on the most successful travel guide on this subject ever published in Hungary, which has been carefully adapted to suit the taste of UK and other foreign travellers. In addition to Historical Transylvania, the guide also covers Maramures, Crisana and the Banat. It comes complete with detailed maps of every region and sizeable town in Transylvania, 88 colour photographs and a multi-language travel dictionary.

The Rough Guide to Romania

by Darren Longley and Dan Richardson (pub 2016)510spjkVhGL

Whether you’re tracking wild bears, dancing with Gypsies or braving Dracula’s lair, you won’t set a foot wrong with The Rough Guide to Romania. From the folk customs of Maramure? and painted monasteries of Bucovina to Bucharest’s thriving gastronomic scene, Rough Guides’ freshly updated seventh edition takes you on a time-travelling trip around this most diverse of destinations. With a section of suggested itineraries, plus detailed maps and gorgeous full-colour photographs throughout, you’ll feel inspired to step off the beaten track and really explore Romania’s wealth of cultural riches. Our local-expert authors have also peppered The Rough Guide to Romania with anecdotal titbits, hand-picked tips and unparalleled historical background to ensure you squeeze every last drop of potential from your travels.

The Mountains of Romania: Walking Guidebook

by James Roberts (pub 2013)

A definitive guidebook to walking and trekking in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, one of the wildest parts of Eastern Europe. For long isolated, Romania’s Carpathians offer some of the finest walking in Europe. There are well waymarked paths, adequate maps and a good network of mountain huts. More than just beautiful landscapes, Europe’s wildest mountains offer a chance to discover a European scene that has now disappeared further west. There is a remarkable wealth of wildlife, the region being one of the last European strongholds of the wolf and bear. This is a complete guide to exploring the Carpathian mountains, including both remote and more popular areas, such as Poiana Brasov, with detailed descriptions of main bases and ranges. It is illustrated with over 40 colour maps and colour photographs and packed with vital information on language, local sights and attractions, travel issues, skiing, mountain biking and walking.

Romania (Lonely Planet Country Guides)

by Leif Pettersen  (pub 2010)

With our 5th edition you can discover the gruesome truth about the ‘real’ Dracula at Poienari Citadel, escape to Marmures where horse-drawn carts transport you to villages steeped in local customs, or experience the spectacle of mass migration on a Danube Delta bird-watching tour.
In This Guide:
Essential color highlights show you the very best of Romania
Dedicated activities chapter pinpoints the top hiking, skiing and cycling spots
Unique Green Index to help make your travels ecofriendly.  (NB A newer edition was published in 2017, but it covers both Romania and Bulgaria.)


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