Where we are (maps)

Magura is a village in the Piatra Craiului National Park – part of the Carpathian Mountains – the only village wholly within any Romanian national park.

Magura is in Brasov County, in the Romanian region of Transylvania – the central segment of the country. Its nearest town in Zarnesti, the nearest city is Brasov, which is also the name of the county. Magura’s postal and political district is the commune of Moieciu, down the hill to the south.

The map co-ordinates of Magura are: Lat: 45.52439 ,  Long: 25.29512

If you’re not too sure where Romania is… it’s bounded by the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, of Moldavia, and Ukraine again. It’s a member state of the European Union.

Here are some more maps and images to orientate yourself. Click on each picture to read the caption.

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