About us

We’re a group of people who live in Magura or Pestera, either full-time or whenever possible; Romanian and otherwise, we all love the area and want to see it thrive.

We met in August 2012 and from there we began to talk to other people locally and further afield, and hope to help positive change, stop destructive change and preserve tradition and the priceless assets of Piatra Craiului.

Finding the mixture of growth and conservation to give local families a good living while preserving and maintaining the ecosystem and the natural environment is never easy, but perhaps with co-operation, goodwill and a bit of effort, something can be achieved.

Our little group is growing as we meet people and talk. You’re welcome to join the conversation and get involved, whether you’re here as a visitor or have your roots deep in the limestone of Piatra Craiului.

Post to our Facebook page, send us photos and stories, add your ideas and opinions to this blog by commenting and following, share and Tweet and Pin so that the message spreads…

4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi there…my friend and I are walking up to Magura from Zarnesti (is there a footpath?) on Sunday 3 July.We would like to stay at Cabana Montana. Can you get in contact for us please. We need an evening meal on Sunday, a twin (not double) room and breakfast on Monday. We are ok sharing a bathroom.
    Is there a bar in Magura? If not a beer with dinner would be nice!!

    John Mitchell


    • Hello John – I’ll pop in to the Cabana when I’m next passing and make your request – btw I’m not a travel agent! Before I pass on your message, I’ll need an email address and phone number for you so they can get in touch to confirm and to sort out any other details.

      There is a bar in Magura – the legendary La Ciocolata – but it’s not what you might think of as a bar. Worth a visit, as it’s a sight to be seen, and there are often some villge characters in there – but you may be better off buying a few beers at the shop on the corner and drinking them in the garden at the Cabana. I don’t think Adriana has beer on the premises as a rule but I can ask for you. Are you vegetarian, btw?


    • Hi John, you can walk to Magura from Zarnesti train station. It takes about an hour and a half or 2 at most. Half the way is along the road through Zarnesti city center out of Zarnesti following the sign that leads to ‘Magura’ & ‘Prapastii’. Once you enter the National Park, follow the river upstream until you reach a spring (water coming from a stone cross) on your right. Here you should turn LEFT, cross the ‘bridge’ and follow the winding forest road (this is option A, easier and not muddy, but used also by cars). Option B is to walk straight ahead into the gorges for another maybe 30 m, then cross the river on the log you’ll find there, once you spot a green panel on your left, under the trees beyond the river. This panel marks the beginning of the “Dwarves’ Path”. It’s a bit steep at the start, but it’s definitely worth taking and you’ll be rewarded by wonderful views. Keep left (at the path crossing at the edge of the village) and you’ll eventually get to Magura’s main street, close to Adriana’s house.


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