Greenly warmer

IMG_5406Spring is well sprung. Compared to last year, when the end of April saw me wading through knee-deep snow in late April, wrapped in thermal layers against the -8C freeze, this year it was sun, and no rain all month so we were beginning to face the horrible prospect of drought.

But early May has seen lots of gentle rain and the very occasional thunderstorm, which is perfect for the earth and growing things. ‘Nori si soare’ says the weather forecast. Occasional ‘furtuna’ warnings with lightning symbols lancing through the cloud, and so it’s proving. Perfect mixed weather for the cycle of wildflower meadows and sweet hay, and happy herbivores munching through lush spring grass. Glorious.

4 thoughts on “Greenly warmer

  1. Magura isn’t that sophisticated! The walking/hiking trails through the forest and on the hills are well-marked – you can get a map (not brilliant, but some help) from the tourist information centre in Zarnesti (next to the main Post Office) which you’ll pass if you’re going to Magura. As for going through people’s property – stick to the paths and you’ll be fine. If you go through gates, leave them as they were (ie if open, leave them open, and vic versa). The main haymaking season will be over – that is people’s top concern, if you’re trampling through the long grass.
    There are no restaurants or cafes in Magura, so the only places to eat are the guesthouses – but they’d want advance notice of your arrival since they don’t usually cater for casual drop-ins. Pensiune Pepino and Samedru both have English-speaking owners, so look them up and give them a call a day or two before you come to Magura. Otherwise, a picnic on the hills, with these views, would be splendid. Enjoy your trip!


  2. Hi! I’m going to be in Brasov for 2 nights in September and would love to include Magura in my itinerary.
    Is there a walking route or hiking trail that we must follow, or we can just walk around anywhere in the village? I am concerned that we might be trespassing into people’s land.
    Also, can you recommend a good restaurant for a meal in Magura?
    Thank you!


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