Second book about Magura soon out

Book cover, Din Liverpool in Carpati, Arabella McIntyre-Brown, TransilvaniaAfter six years in Magura, I wrote a book about life in the village, why I came here, why I stayed. Non-fiction, it’s all true; factual as well as a little philosophical. A patchwork of impressions, stories, portraits and essays all written from my window on the world, 1,000 metres up in the Carpathians. One chapter told the story of a stray puppy who came to my door and begged to stay. Starving, and weighed down by balls of ice on his feet and face, he inveigled his way into my house and my heart until I found him a permanent home. The adventure wasn’t without its dramas, but all’s well that ends well.

FLOSS mock-up 3D COVERThis year, in November 2017, Booklet Fiction will publish a book called Floss the lost puppy (Floss catelusul pierdut). This is exactly, 100%, purely the story of my stray puppy… but I have turned myself into a Romanian girl and her family (much more interesting) who have to overcome some challenges to save the lost puppy.

It’s a bilingual book, in English and Romanian, to help children of 7+ to learn English (or Romanian) and perhaps to offer them some new ideas about owning dogs.

Now, when you read it, you can imagine the Thimble family living here in Magura (called Fân in the book) and sparing the life of the little black dog who begs for mercy at their door.

You can find out more about Floss, and read some early reviews, on the book blog here.

4 thoughts on “Second book about Magura soon out

  1. Hi! I read about your amazing story in an in-flight magazine a few months ago, and had since forgotten that Magura is where you live. I’m from Liverpool and in Magura with my wife at the moment. Can you recommend the best place to see wildlife locally?

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    • You’re kidding! What a small world. How long are you here? Where are you staying? There’s wildlife everywhere – still amazing insects as there hasn’t yet been too hard a frost; ravens ubiquitous overhead; if you walk up the gorge below the village (signposts to Prapastii and/or Cheile Pisica and/or up to Curmatura) you’re bound to see something interesting. As it’s been raining you might see some bear/wolf/lynx prints in the mud. Keep an eye out for chamois on the rock faces below Piatra Craiului. Lots of birds about – migration time in and out. You can make the ridge of Piatra Crailui and back down in a long day; the top of Piatra Mica in a bit less, depending on your hiking speed. And there’s the bear sanctuary in Zarnesti (google Libearty). worth it – lots of bears two feet away, quietly waiting for breakfast. Not the same as wild encounters, but longer, closer, safer chances to observe at length. Have fun! If you want to nip in for a cuppa, let me know.


      • Hey. Thanks for getting back to me with such useful information! We’re here until Friday morning (going to Libearty for 10am, then back to Bucharest). We would love to pop by for a cup of tea if you’re about tomorrow. We’re staying at Alpine Escape.


      • What’s your name, btw? Your blog is anonymous… What time would suit you? I may not be up very early tomorrow, so if 11am would suit you, fine – otherwise name your time. I’ll be here all day. I’m at the Zarnesti (north) end of the village, and you can just ask anyone where my house is. I don’t know Alpine Escape – there are so many B&Bs here!


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