Icy white Carpathian January

Forget frost – this is the real Transylvanian, Carpathian, Central European start to the New Year… Hard winter, knee deep powder, frozen pipes, icy fingers, cats by the fire, sun making diamond dust of the snow… Happy New Frozen Year!

7 thoughts on “Icy white Carpathian January

  1. Arabella, I wish you a magnificent, warm, unusual winter in Romania! There wasn’t a winter this stubborn in Romania for the last ten years, but what a beautiful, wild, nature’s display! It scares me and delights me every day, living on the high hills of Bihor. Enjoy the winter, wondering soul! Wishing you a great New Year!

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    • Thanks, Electra! It’s much warmer today – something like 5C, and the wind has finally died. I am snowed in, though, as the main road is blocked by deep drifts and we wait and wait for the plug to release us! I hope Bihor weather is kind and you can enjoy the beauty of winter without suffering its discomforts…


      • As a matter of fact, it is warmer in your area than here. We are, day and night, on minus degrees, my water pipelines are frozen, the very narrow roads down the hills are covered by snow; in other words, we are waiting for the calmer weather to release us, too! How are you communicating with the locals? Do you speak some Romanian?
        Wishing you all the best, and hopefully, the plug will get there soon!

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      • Hi Electra – have you thawed out yet? I hope your pipes didn’t break and flood the house – nightmare. I had two pipes freeze but no breaks, and they thawed after a week… The snow is very slowly melting, but I still have knee-deep snow to trudge through (falling over too often) to reach my car 250m up the hill. But it’s beautifully sunny at the moment and everything looks beautiful, although best seen from a warm house. One of my neighbours speaks good English – with everyone else I speak bad Romanian and they are very forgiving… the plug came on Monday afternoon, so I escaped to Lidl on Tuesday – now I’m restocked for another week. I wish you warmth and sun and a swift Spring!


      • Hello Arabella, nice to hear from you! I’m glad you were able to “escape” your town and do some shopping; I usually buy things to last me for at lease one month in the winter time, just because I never know how the weather will behave. My pipes are still frozen, but I had someone install a pump in the well and now I have water running inside the house until the freeze goes away. The locals tell me the winter is not gone yet, we still have a few more months of cold. The road downhill is frozen, but I was able, slowly, to descend with my car, but very hard to drive up the hill again. We had sunny days, too, but always minus zero, so the snow that melts during the day turns into ice over night. It is an adventure every day, but I enjoy the serene tranquility I’m surrounded by, away from traffic, from smog, from noise and everything else a big city gives (and I lived all my life in big cities).
        Wishing you a mellow rest of winter, lots of inspiration in writing your books and a peaceful life together with your pets! I have three dogs that I take inside when it is too cold out – they keep me company and are very sweet. Hope to hear from you once in a while,

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  2. Your pictures are amazing!
    Why not publish a Magura-wall calendar for office workers who like to daydream about escaping to the mountains?
    Or perhaps someone would be interested in organizing a photo exhibition where people could buy large, high definition printouts and hang them on their appartment walls in the big city…

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    • Great ideas, Cristina! Although it’s easy to take lovely pictures here, I’m no good at the technical stuff, so my photos aren’t technically good enough for high quality prints, sadly. If I can learn the science of the digital camera, maybe your ideas will happen some time!


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