Mountain Hound to SeaDog

Not set in Magura, but news from a Magura graduate. This is Bertie on sofas… Easter in Wales with my family – and Bertie – who was the star of the weekend.


He was brilliant with everyone, especially the kids, who fell completely in love with him within the first nano-second.

Then we went to see friends with dogs, and went for a walk to the sea. It was the happiest hour of Bertie’s life, to date. First there were large open fields, full of skylarks. Bertie – Vicki yelling at him to come back – hurled himself after larks which rocketed up from the spring wheat, drawing him at full pelt across the furrows.

Then… there was the sea. A mountain dog from Central Europe, Bertie flung himself into the salty Bristol Channel as though he were a born seadog. His new friends Bruiser and Button joined in too, and the humans stood and admired their energy.

Sopping wet and deliriously happy, Bertie came flying up to me as if to say thanks for introducing him to this liquid heaven – before he galloped back down for another soaking race along the strand.

Vicki put him back on the lead to thwart any more larking about, and we headed back for warmth and a rub dry for the dogs, crab salad for us.

3 thoughts on “Mountain Hound to SeaDog

  1. What a totally dream like result !! Who could have guessed that the hippy long hair dog from those wild European mountains would be this very full of energy spirited have a go delightful fellow cavorting through the Welsh countryside -a fabulous story and all due to you AB-extremely well done that lady !!


    • Hippy hair is growing again – he’s like astrakhan lamb at the moment, but the hair is growing fast. Soon back to hippy length.
      And certainly NOT all down to me – huge credit to Vicki for taking him and making him so completely happy already, and massive thanks and admiration to EliPet Transport who do such a fabulous job saving hundreds of condemned and abandoned dogs. And to all who contributed to Pita’s move from lost to found.

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