Lost puppy finds a happy ending


You may have seen the story – a few posts back – about a lost puppy who turned up at my gate, starving and abandoned, on 5th November.

I tried to ignore him, but he wouldn’t go away even if I yelled at him to shove off. After a few days, he was obviously starving, and determined to stay around. So I fed him outside the gate, and he ate enormously, pathetically grateful, crawling to my feet, rolling over, showing his belly in submission, desperate for acceptance.

I surrendered. It had started snowing; he was shoulder deep in frozen flakes, weighed down by frozen balls of snow on his face and legs, and I couldn’t cope with the thought of falling over his starved and frozen body. I decided to…. Read the rest of the story

3 thoughts on “Lost puppy finds a happy ending

  1. Fabulous story – being an old hippie I do prefer the shaggy locks -and am not at all sure that the close cropped doggie in the final pictures is actually Bertie/Pita – perhaps there’s been some exchange – perhaps he has run off with a floozy poodle from South London – hooray for his free spirit – and hooray for AB and Victoria and all the fetchers and carriers who brought him safely to London –

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