Spring? Bah!

22nd April. Should be green and balmy, blossom bursting, bees a-buzz, lambs leaping, ad inf. Is it?

Is it diddley.

Here was the weather on my birthday, two days ago. The morning’s offering of snow having melted, this was the next white dump on its way.

IMG_4219 white0ut

And here we are this morning, back to winter clothes. Bees and birds are back by their firesides, blossom is struggling to get back into its shell, lambs are shuddering with cold and the cats are snoring by the blazing fire in my study.



5 thoughts on “Spring? Bah!

  1. I remember Sussex in April with snow, once or twice many years ago, maybe 1955; frosts and other winter weather when lambing in Singleton – 1962-63 as well. brrrrrrrrrr


  2. Wow, does not look like spring indeed. I am going to Romania in two weeks, hope it gets warmer and greener by then. I will start with Iasi though and will move towards Transylvania after I spend some time in Moldova region.


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