Snowy adventures for the two latest visitors, who were introduced to divers facets of village life, including the social hotspot, La Ciocolata…

Isobel Laila

We haven’t post anything for a while, but don’t worry we’re still alive!

We’ve been working at Arabella’s, painting her new attic room, chopping wood, sorting out the garden and watching Greg build a bathroom. There were a few warm days earlier in the week, but now it’s snowy again, and these past couple of days have been spent trying to get the car up and down the icy mountain road into town.

On Thursday we left (again) to the bear sanctuary but missed the opening times after two hours of trying to grit the road and not fall off the mountainside. So instead, Greg’s friend Matt drove us to see some caves up in the mountains, followed by ‘cozonac secuiesc’ – a very yummy hot sweet nut bread roll – by Bran castle, then a walk down a beautiful gorge from the film Cold Mountain, which Greg showed us…

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About Arabella McIntyre-Brown

I'm a writer from West Sussex is southern England, but after 30 years of urban life in London and Liverpool, I now live in a remote village 1,000 metres up in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. My first book in Romania was published in November 2016: "Din Liverpool in Carpati: cum mi-am gasit fericirea în inima Transilvaniei". The English version, 'A stake in Transylvania' is out soon. I've also written (so far) four bilingual (En/Ro) children's books.

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