A Prod towards the Transylvania Horse Show

… at the Transylvania Horse Show. A soggy Sunday on the May Day holiday weekend saw us in a tiny village called Prod, not far from Sighisoara, for the last day of an important event in the horse world. You wouldn’t know it, given that spectators stayed away in droves due to the soft weather, but the three-day show included international standard cross-country, dressage and show-jumping contests; Friday and Saturday had been sunny, glossy and buzzing with spectators, but we had the pick of waterlogged grandstand seats and a fine view of muddy horses and riders leaping for gold.
The misty hills and the steady rain could have been Cumbria, Wales or the west of England, but the duelling knights were from a Transylvanian order, and the food was entirely Romanian: mici and varza (meatballs and cabbage salad), and lots of Ursus beer.
Next year we’ll be there for the whole weekend – maybe this most hidden-away of international events will have been outed and the secret revealed. Why don’t you come too?

2 thoughts on “A Prod towards the Transylvania Horse Show

    • I do indeed. Colleen was a chestnut, I think, and Amazon a whacking great bay (or black?) with shire horse feathers (or am I imagining that?). But I can’t remember why we had them – they weren’t ours, were they? Do you remember Louis? I remember you riding him – you had to pick your knees up so your feet didn’t drag on the ground… I might have a picture of that somewhere, and there’s certainly cine film of Ginny and me on Colleen when I was about 3 (it was in the Ginny film at the RGS).


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