Snowcats plugged into solar energy

Four cats took a big dose of power straight from the sun today (after three days of low cloud and freezing fog) and let rip in the snow of Magura. George, Hobbes, Buster and Mouse showed off their athletic skills and comic talent to an audience of one… before lunch and a snooze in front of the fire.

6 thoughts on “Snowcats plugged into solar energy

    • That’s the question. We fear the kitten accessed the hot spot through the sort of hole no one here will bother to seal up. The irony is, I spent many days lugging that kitten to the vet, for jabs and tests, when it was sick, very young. She soon became my big little buddy. Now, poof. So sad.


      • If you talk to Cosmin about trying to educate kids about looking after their animals properly, he’s very pessimistic. But better the next generation changes its attitudes than nothing. You do marvels with the kits around you, and my little lot show by example of looking magnificent and being relaxed and happy. I’m worried today – no sign of the dog Puppy for 24 hours, which is unheard of. He’s always at the door for breakfast. Another disappearance? Offed for deserting his owners for my doormat? We wait and see.


  1. Great shots, really good Abbs. Horizontal George! Bad news from here, another little kitten got a zap of real electric energy today and was fried to a crisp, below our block. That’s two electrocutions in 6 months. Safety regs? What’s them? M


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