Winter’s here, two months early

Magura under snow, Transylvania, Carpathians

Winter in October

Yesterday – 1st October – winter turned up. We woke to falling snow, a smattering of white on the green grass as though a vast bag of icing sugar had broken above the village.
It was already too late to move the car. I hadn’t switched to winter tyres yet, it being early autumn, so even then the car slid and skidded and went nowhere, and now it’s blanketed in white and taking an impromptu holiday.
It has been snowing without a breather since yesterday morning, and has dumped almost 30 centimetres (one foot) of snow on us; as the snow slides off my roof in heavy loads, the heap of snow has built to over a metre deep outside every door.
Apple trees still laden with fruit have branches bent to the ground, and brittle trees like cherry have been breaking under the weight of snow and ice; my visini (sour cherry) tree has lost two main branches, with great wounds in the trunk where they snapped.
Vegetables still in the ground, such as turnips, potatoes and beetroot, and leaves like Swiss chard (in my veg patch) may not be salvaged, leaving a hole in the winter food supplies for humans and animals.
It’s due to be sunny for several days from tomorrow, and it’s above freezing during the day… but we’ll see.
The forecast is for a horribly severe winter, so perhaps this is an omen.
If you love winter sports, this may be the year you bring your skis to Romania.

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