Home, or gold?

rosia montana europa nostra_0This year’s Fân Fest, in the Transylvanian village of Rosia Montana, is on 15-18 August, so get your skates on.

The festival programme promises fun and serious pleasure, but there’s a battle being waged behind the scenes.  Big corporate interests want to mine the gold deposits below the village, but this will mean the place being destroyed and people losing their homes, families being evicted after generations.

What do you think? Have you heard about this? Take a long weekend, join the festival fun and lend your support to Rosia Montana.


6 thoughts on “Home, or gold?

    • Would in theory love to go but having driven, unknowingly, quite close to the place last time I went to the UK, I am deeply reluctant to put my car through those potholes again. Hellish roads, and quite a few hours’ drive from here. Had I a carful, more likely. On my own, I think not. Next year, maybe, if the village is still there…


      • Ah. There’s a marked difference between dropping a wheel or several into a six-foot pothole, which destroys everything expensive, and scraping the car’s belly on a precocious rock, which merely adds to the artistic markings on the solid steel plate that armours the sensitive undercrackers. I was reassured when I first saw the car up on stilts at the garage. Clever old Skoda.


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