Bram’s birthday doodle

We don’t focus too much on Transylvania‘s top international star celeb, because there’s so much else to talk about than a fictional character.

But… when I logged on to Google this morning, I saw that Google was paying a birthday tribute to the Irish inventor of Transylvania’s most famous uninhabitant. It’s the 165th anniversary of Bram Stoker‘s birth, and this is how Google remembers him.

Google's doodle for 8 November 2012, the 165th anniversary of Bram Stoker's death

Batty doodle – can you spot all the references? Dracula and his luscious lady vampires, a wolf, a bat, a castle, spider and the grasping Renfield, Mina and Jonathan Harker… who and what else? Tell us…

Three cheers for the author of Dracula, the undead vampire aristo whose bloodless face has launched a thousand pale imitations, and 100 years after Stoker’s (entirely completed) death, the Count continues to bring thousands of visitors to Bran Castle, only a few minutes from Magura as the bat flits.

Cheers, Bram – here’s to you. Thanks, Google.

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