Tell us!

 The village of Magura in the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania, RomaniaWhat do you love about Magura? Tell us!

Were you born here? Do you live here now? Do you spend time here but live elsewhere?

Have you visited this year?

Tell us… in Romanian, in English, in German, in your language. (If you’ve got any good photos, let us know and I’ll give you an email address to send them.)

Do you know good people, good places to stay, good cooks, things to do, presents to buy, places to go? Tell us, please – we can add links and info here.

If you know Magura well, tell readers a bit about the place from your point of view. What you hope the village will be like in 10 years’ time, what you think the village needs most, your best stories about life here…

2 thoughts on “Tell us!

  1. I like Magura when it’s sunny, rainy, foggy, windy and snowy. I like the clean air, the big mountains… and the silence. I like the beautiful sky on a clear night. I like the dogs that follow us on long walks, the people who help us get our bearings, the tough cats, the sleepy sheep, the mellow cows and the strong horses. I like the carpet of flowers in spring and the color of forest in autumn. I hope Magura stays safe, clean and hospitable. I visit whenever I can, the rest of the time I watch Magura on my desktop…My best friend introduced me to Magura and I am grateful.


    • Thanks, Spinner Fan. Me too. My favourite times of day are sunrise, when the light slants through the trees and into my windows, and at sunset, when the mountain ridge ripples black against the perfect colours of the sky. See you when you next visit.


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