Vegetarians, look away now

In a mountain village, 1,000 metres up, the animals are truly free-range, allowed to wander through hectares of wildflower meadows, kept inside only in the worst of the harsh winter. Most of the sheep and cattle are taken up to the high-altitude pastures for the summer, so the wildflower meadows in the villages can grow and blossom before being scythed for hay to keep the animals through the winter. The barns are mucked out through the winter, and the manure spread on the meadows in spring –  a simple, sustainable way of farming that maintains diversity and natural health in soil, plant, animal and human.

Yesterday my neighbours slaughtered their heifer, partly because the calf hasn’t thrived and grown as well as she should have because of this summer’s drought; the lack of rainfall has also meant that there has been no second hay-making in September – the wildflower meadows never regrew after the midsummer cut and the winter hay is about half its normal volume. Lots of smallholders are having to slaughter animals because there isn’t the hay to keep them through the winter.

So Martica (born on a Tuesday) went on a Saturday, but swiftly, without fuss, in the pasture where she had spent her life. The slaughter and butchering was done by the family without intervention of transporters, processors, stress or fear.

The sad fact is that the EU is trying its best to destroy this healthy, sustainable, low-impact farming system, and now that Romania is a member, this will happen very quickly unless the EU is persuaded otherwise. Slow Food, if you’re listening, maybe you have some ideas…

1 thought on “Vegetarians, look away now

  1. Disagree that the animals are ‘truly free range’, in Magura. One Magura neighbour of mine refused to let his horse out to eat the new grass in a sunny field, “Until he eats the old grass in his stall, otherwise why did i cut it?” That horse spends most days locked up, unable even to turn around. Same farmer routinely keeps cows and calves inside most of the day, even in good weather. And most ‘sheep dogs’, as anyone in Magura can see, are tied up, 24/7. A carpenter told me how he breaks the necks of kittens when there are too many. I’ll be more impressed with Magura’s ‘ancient eco-system’ when all animals are treated well, by all residents. As for ‘without fuss’, what is Martica supposed to say? How was she ‘despatched’, presumably with a knife to the throat, contrary to EU rules and regs? And why is this post tagged ‘human health’, when most of us know meat is unhealthy and unnecessary. And why is it tagged ‘Vegetarianism’ if we are to ‘look away now’? With all respect, and much as I love the place, I find this post misleading and rose-tinted. xxx


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